Smartphone Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition got the Super VOOC technology that charges the device in 35 minutes

Today, Oppo has unveiled its flagship smartphone Find X. Here we in detail told about him.

To recall briefly, is the apparatus with the top options and unique designs. In the “closed” status on the case, no camera. Presentation of the novelties was held in Paris tonight, although all the details thanks to The Verge became known in the morning. But there was no data on the cost, although some sources said about 700 dollars.

Unfortunately, the reality is far from this assumption. In Europe Find X will cost 1000 Euro! By the way, this will be the first Oppo smartphone that will be officially sold in Europe and North America (although the USA is unlikely).

If you think that it is expensive, the price modification Find X Lamborghini Edition will be 1700 euros! In this case, will have to overpay not only for branded design carbon fiber under the rear glass and the Lamborghini logo. The point is that this modification is the first smartphone Oppo, which received the technology fast charging VOOC Super.

It was shown in February 2016. Then a demonstration with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh recharged in 15 minutes. And Find X Lamborghini Edition we have the battery in 3730 mAh, which is charged in 35 minutes! This is even more impressive than that was in Honor of Magic. To implement this technology is used including charger with capacity of 50 watts!

I hope the technology brought to mind, and incidents with this modification of the flagship Oppo will not.

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