Smartphone Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) got a keyhole in the screen, a cool and unusual frontalka the heel

Despite the fact that information about the smartphone Oppo F9 appeared online a few days ago, and even in our last KeddrVlog guys have already discussed this model, in fact, the presentation took place only today.

Some sources claim that introduced two models: F9 Pro and F9. They allegedly differ very little. For example, both display on the 6.3 inch resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels with a keyhole, SoC MediaTek Helio P60, 64 GB of flash memory and the main camera on the 2 and 16 MP.

The difference is in front camera (16 megapixels and a 25 F9 and MP — F9 Pro), the RAM (4 or 6 GB) and the battery (3000 or 3500 mAh). There is also a rather unusual color scheme, while diamond pattern Oppo used even three years ago. And here is the purple version with the sequins really original.

However, if you look, for example, the Indian Oppo website, you can see only model F9 Pro, which fully corresponds to the description above. Global only model F9, which also corresponds to the description for the model F9 Pro, except that the amount of RAM specified is equal to 4 and 6 GB. As you can see, there is no model with a smaller battery. Moreover, dimensions are also the same: 156,7 x 74 x 7.99 mm weight 169 g

Most likely, actually it’s not about the two models, and about the same, just in different markets it will be called differently.

As for the price, sources talking about 285-345 dollars depending on version.

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