Smartphone makers abandon Android Pie Go due to performance issues

In the spring of 2017, Google announced the highlighting of the classic operating system Android standalone Go version designed for ultrabudgetary devices. With its help, the search giant is expected to solve the performance issue on devices with iron the initial level. To emphasize the independence of the new project, developers Google has released, even the lightweight version of our applications, but, unfortunately, somehow forgot about the optimization.

Despite the fact that Android Go Pie was submitted over six months ago, manufacturers are still not in a hurry to release smartphones based on it. Almost all entry-level devices that came out after the release of the Android Pie Go, running Android Go Oreo. Even Xiaomi released its Redmi Go among the latter, chose not to install the latest version of the operating system, apparently finding it not too reliable.

Upgrade to Android Go Pie

Rumor has it that the reason of mass refusal of the producers from the Android Go Pie is the problems with her performance. Supposedly this conclusion was made by the vendors themselves in the course of testing future Android Go phones, which were originally planned out of the box to provide the ninth iteration of the operating system. According PiunikaWeb, there are problems in the performance prompted the producers to turn to Google, demanding it extend the terms of licensing Android Go Oreo.

Interestingly, some companies are not afraid of problems in their smartphones and released them for Android Go Pie. So, in particular, there have been Nokia updated Nokia 2.1 at the end of February. It was a pretty bold move, considering that the devices of the Finns are running a clean version of the operating system, tools for overclocking, which the manufacturer not so much. However, judging by the almost total lack of negative reviews, to disperse the OS and not required.

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