Smart watch Garmin Forerunner 645 Music can store up to 500 songs

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Watches, a subsidiary of Garmin is one of the best designer watches for everyday use, but so far it was you have to carry iPod with you if you like listening to songs while jogging. This has now changed thanks to the smart watch Forerunner 645 Music announced by Garmin today, which can store up to 500 songs.

You just need to connect them wirelessly with the headphones. comfortable. Regardless of the ability to store and play songs from services like iHeartRadio and DeeZer, the smart Forerunner 645 Music will also support the possibility of wireless payment soon.

The battery in the smart watch Forerunner 645 Music can survive about 7 days in the development of the ” smart watch “. You can connect with her smart phone to receive and reply to messages and updates from social networks. During the jogging with the activation of the GPS and the songs will work this smart watch for about 5 hours. At this time you will measure your exercise, the duration of the intermission with stats know information about the training, effort, etc. of other information.

Of course, the power can Forerunner 645 Music follow various other sports and jogging only, including track racing,, Cycling, kayaking, sports, talk, etc. from other sports. Can be development by that community on the internet if you need inspiration to encourage your friends if they need it.

It is worth mentioning that can extend the functionality of the smart watch Forerunner 645 Music beyond the exercise through the store Connect IQ Store. One of the apps out there will tell you when you get Uber car on your own, there is another application that allows you to turn on the lights compatible with the platform SmartThings. Generally, smart watch Forerunner 645 Music will be available for purchase within 5 to 8 weeks at the price of 450 USD.

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