Smart speaker Amazon Echo said the owner ” all I see is people dying “

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The problem lies in the smart speakers that use permanently in that you cannot sometimes control what you can play, which sometimes led to some weird situations. Unfortunately, it seems that these cases people may need to get accustomed to it, according to a new report from the Metro.

According to the report, he says that the young Shawn Kinnear 30-year-old told the website that the smart speaker Amazon Echo may He surprised not uttered the words ” all I see is people dying “. According to the company Shawn Kinnear, he was putting the smart speaker in the living room. ” It has Amazon Prime on the tv but paused. Amazon Echo similar to that which he said he sees people dying. I came back from the kitchen and made a statement. It was a long statement, so I listened to something like WTF, I didn’t have anything else. Then I asked Alexa to repeat the statement he said that he does not understand “.

Amazon didn’t reveal to us why you uttered the digital assistant such phrases, but according to Tom’s Guide, it is speculation that the digital assistant Alexa had uttered titled song ” “Everytime I Close My Eyes … All I See is People Dying”. Either the Shawn Kinnear or anyone else in the house with a request to repeat the name of the song from the digital assistant Alexa about the error.

In both cases, whether it is an accidental event or not, we have to admit it’s quite baffling to anyone in the area to suddenly hear something unexpected.



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