Smart Reply from Google may appear in third-party messengers

One brand of chips messenger Allo may be a separate application that will allow it to integrate into various applications.

Smart Reply leverages artificial intelligence to tell the user answers on incoming messages, providing them in the form of buttons which you can click to send them. The first feature appeared in the email client Inbox, then became available on Gmail, Android Messages for Project Fi and Allo. Now, the team of developers from Google Area 120 is working to enable Smart Reply and to other messengers.

The new project is called “Reply”. Apply for testing new features you can at this link. It is expected that the Reply will work in conjunction with such instant messengers like Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger Android Messages, Skype, Twitter, and Slack.

Besides being able to answer with one click, your Reply will automatically send replies to incoming messages with the text that you are busy while driving by disabling the notification sound on your smartphone. And in cases when mode is enabled “do Not disturb”, the Reply will be able to inform you about incoming messages that seem important or urgent response.

While that Reply is at an early stage of development, so expect an early release of the program is not worth it.

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