Smart phones the latest from Samsung receive without the support of the augmented reality platform ARCore

Galaxy Note 10

Augmented reality platform ARCore from Google now available to spin more of the additional devices. The company maintains a list of devices supported by this product. This list is updated regularly to reflect the supported devices new. Now, it was updated this menu to support five new devices.

These include devices smartphones new flagship of Samsung, we mean here specifically Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy A90 5G and Galaxy A50s and Galaxy Tab S6. I passed the devices in this list process authentication Google on its support for ARCore. The certificate is important because it ensures a good experience with augmented reality applications. For authentication on every device, Google checks the quality of the cameras and motion sensors design to make sure that performance is up to expectations.

In addition to supporting new devices, he explained that Google Inc. also augmented reality platform ARCore has become now supports the display at a rate of 60 frames per second as long as your device supports it of course. As for the other phones that received support ARCore lately, they include Xiaomi Mi A3 and Realme X and Galaxy A7 2018 and LG G8S and LG Stylo 2 and LG Stylo 5.


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