Smart phones are the fastest in Shipping (August 2018)

The charging speed is very important to save time for the user so they don’t have to sit adjacent to the charging until the battery is charged. This company started the technical smart phone manufacturers pay attention to since years and have spent a lot of time and effort and funds to develop technologies for fast charging, let us know if the phones are the fastest in the process of charging the battery.

الهواتف الذكية الأسرع في الشحن (أغسطس 2018)

Smart phones are the fastest in Shipping (August 2018)

Conducted this test site PhoneArena competent news smartphones depending on the original charger attached to each phone in the box with the note that sometimes may support the phones fast charging technology, but the charger itself is not fast like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X In addition to Xiaomi Mi 8, this important point depends reference. Even been shipped the previous phones mentioned rapidly, expected to buy the latest charger specifications.

Think of each company on a specific technology for fast charging, such as Samsung calls it Adaptive Fast Charge, and oneplus has a technology DashCharge, Huawei has a technique to SuperCharge, but the oppo are its technology test VOOC, and so on.

Smart phones are the fastest in Shipping

Choose smartphones in the battery capacity, The greater the battery capacity The longer it took shipped a longer time, so we had to rely to a standard charging speed and charging time. The speed of shipping reports to the Milli amp is shipped per minute, which is the quotient of the capacity of the battery on the charging time. The results came as follows:

The top ten the first:

الهواتف الذكية الأسرع في الشحن (أغسطس 2018)

The top ten first

Centres from 11 to 20:

الهواتف الذكية الأسرع في الشحن (أغسطس 2018)

Centres from 11 to 20

Centres from 21 to 30:

الهواتف الذكية الأسرع في الشحن (أغسطس 2018)

Centres from 21 to 30

Centres from 31 to 40:

الهواتف الذكية الأسرع في الشحن (أغسطس 2018)

Centres from 31 up to 40

Shipping speed: winners and losers!

As we have seen in the standings, they have won phone Huawei P20 Pro first place thanks to the fast charging technology of Huawei Huawei SuperCharge and also thanks to the fast charger adult strength 22 watt.

Also credited with the speed of Shipping In the rest of the phones that the centers have developed to the same reasons (technology of fast charging with the fast charger). Sony phones and Apple TV came in the bottom of the list which is a shame in the truth, not because those phones do not support fast charging technology, but it does not come a charger is fast in a box purchase.

How satisfied with the shipping speed in your phone?

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** Source: PhoneArena

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