“Smart mirror”.. the idea you see the end!

Became the magic mirror that we saw in the movie “snow white and the Seven Dwarfs” is a reality, it has become possible to stand in front of the mirror, and ask: is I see the end?! To find your mirror smart already.

Mirror smart, developed by company “a naked many wearing” Naked Labs emerging in Silicon Valley, is the first Scanner (Scanner) Scanner home all full, doing a three-dimensional map of a 3D body, to highlight the areas that increased or decreased in weight, and follow with accuracy the proportion of fat and muscles with the passage of time, to help you get fit body and an ideal weight while practicing your sport, fitness or diet.

You mirror smart to record the results of the survey for the first first in the application on your smartphone with its user, through the falling turnover in full before 20 seconds, to provide precise indications about the variation in the shape and body weight since the last scan result, with a three-dimensional image of the body in each survey to prevent this change.

The company began manufacturer of mirror smart in the shipped to customers in the United States of America, after receiving $ 14 million in funding from the company, “the founders, van,” the Founders Fund, it seems the price of the smart mirror 1,395 $ (25,000 Egyptian pounds approximately).

The company stresses the developer of mirror smart on the security and privacy of the captured images of the body, which by the way is not photographs, but pictures of expressive body shape as the graphic software, and that the data is encrypted and difficult to penetrate, as they are secured and separate from the names of the customers to prevent to blackmail them.

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