Smart glasses PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II will help you sleep better


Some of us are lucky enough to be able to sleep in a moment without worry. However, some of us sleep from time to time in order to get a good sleep, whether it’s because of the tension in the day, or the constant worry about things that need to be done tomorrow, etc.

Now, there are a lot of means that are designed to help us sleep, but if you are looking for a solution to the high-tech, you might be interested with Smart Sleep Glasses II of the company PEGASi. As the suggests name, this is a smart glasses are supposed to help wearers get better quality of sleep through the use of light therapy.

These smart glasses uses a specific wavelength of green light which helps to stimulate your nervous system, which in turn will give a signal to regulate the amount of melatonin that is secreted which ultimately helps to improve sleep. According to the Company, this depends on the research the Space Agency NASA, where researchers used there light therapy to improve the quality of sleep astronauts.

Also promoting the company is also to a small and compact system, making it solvable easily, and this means that you will be able to use them at any time and in any place where, and the company of PEGASI, you won’t take only 7 days before the start of the observation changes. It is a tool very interesting, but it remains to be seen if it will work as described in the Declaration.

However, if you don’t mind tested it myself, the company PEGASI are selling these smart glasses over the financing platform projects emerging Kickstarter will donate to the project in the amount of $ 99 to get you on the glasses at the end of the funding campaign to successfully access the tool for production in the month of August next.

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