Sliders or flexible phones in any form factor will choose consumers

Smartphones in the form factor slider and clamshell phones with a flexible display that promise to fill the market in the foreseeable future, almost cause excitement among consumers. That poll, conducted among the participants of his channel in the Telegram. According to its results it became clear that the vast majority of respondents prefer the classic form factor, which is considered more advantageous for everyday use.

A total of 78% of respondents said that other things being equal will choose a smartphone in the classical case with no moving parts. The choice of the majority of the respondents from this category were due to a greater reliability of classical design. According to them, the monolithic device can have more confidence, especially when it comes about the device, which is taken in hands a hundred times a day.

The sliders on Android

14% of respondents said that they are ready to accept the slider. Obviously, their choice was influenced by two factors: technology and nostalgia. But if the second case needs no comment and is accepted a priori, the first is a kind of compromise, which are the consumers. Due to the fact that manufacturers were not able to hide biometric sensors and the camera lens under the screen, they had to integrate them into the rear panel of the smartphone, which leaves from behind the screen, if necessary, to produce identification or take a photo.

Who needs a flexible smartphone

For foldable smartphones, as expected, voted for less than all users. They chose only 9% of survey participants. The main reason why the respondents made this choice is the futuristic design of such devices. Despite a lot of shortcomings, they attract much more attention than the frameless smartphone with lots of cameras and huge amounts of memory.

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