Slice the Snapdragon next will contain a processor and nervous for the first time

Dealing with rumors is currently already provided Snapdragon next, maybe bearing the name of Snapdragon 855 and our Lord bearing the name of Snapdragon 8150 according to other reports. After the great performance we got from the slice category top smart phones currently Snapdragon 845 it appears that Qualcomm will continue to provide more in the coming period. The health rumors, the new company reconciliation Snapdragon next by the processing unit of nervous separate.

Processing Unit nerve or NPU or Neural Processing Unit is a special unit operations of artificial intelligence and machine learning to complete separately. Although this step would be great only to Qualcomm in America won’t be has previously done so that the partner Kirin 970 issued by Huawei in 2017 contain a Processing Unit of nervous separate.

The phone Mate 10 Pro is the first phones that have partner Huawei power last year after unveiled at the IFA conference in 2017 and also easy to expect a partner Kirin 980 is coming soon and will be unveiled at the IFA 2018, according to what we know even now where it is expected to see the slide inside of the one series phones Mate 20 anticipated during the coming months of the current year.

Slice Snapdragon 845 stop all the functions of artificial intelligence on its own without the console port and perform well the consumption of filter energy, but Qualcomm obviously it will help towards separate units for artificial intelligence to enhance performance and this will start the slide rule if your health reports that we currently have.

And other details of your company’s next tranche of Qualcomm according to rumors, the segment coming to a building on the architecture of 7 nm and there will be a version especially customized for self-driving cars. Slice Snapdragon 845 was disclosed in December last year is expected to see the new slide is unveiled this year or early next year away from a name that you’ll get it.


Slice Snapdragon 845 appeared for the first time with the launch of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus users where under the agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm hernia Samsung to get the first batch of slides for smartphones before any other company to meet its corporate phones which have slide. Therefore, it is possible that the advent of the chip Snapdragon Cairo for the first time with the arrival of one of the Samsung phones early next year.

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