SleepScore: innovative sleep tracker appeared in the App Store

Scientists American laboratory SleepScore Labs presented the same application for iOS with the smart tracking of sleep users. During its development, the creators have applied their extensive experience in the field of somnology and sleep problems accumulated over 13 years of research.

How does SleepScore

“For 13 years we have managed to collect data on more than four million sessions of sleep, says Roy Reimann, an expert in the field of somnology in SleepScore Labs. — It is possible to make a detailed presentation about the dream of most people […]. Now we are studying devices for tracking sleep. As it turned out, not all of them work as it should”.

SleepScore receives information about the quality of sleep thanks to microphones and speakers the iPhone. The app causes the smartphone to send indistinguishable to the human ear sound waves that are reflected from the user’s body and form a silhouette, as well as data on movements in the rate of respiration or even heart rhythm, are read by the microphone. Subsequently, the neural network interpretiruya received data and generates a detailed summary of the quality of sleep.

SleepScore because, unlike competitors, does not employ additional sensors in addition to microphone and speaker, the user is not required to place the smartphone app directly under the pillow — just enough to put it on the bedside table.

Smart alarm clock for iPhone

Apart from the function of tracking sleep, development SleepScore Labs has a built-in alarm clock that wakes you up optimally for the body time and also generate individualized recommendations to improve the rash. Along with logical tips like a schedule change, the application may recommend to replace the pillow or mattress more comfortable.

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Name: SleepScore
Publisher/developer: SleepScore Labs
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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