Skype provides property private conversations with a full consultation

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In the footsteps of both WhatsApp and Facebook and Apple, launched the Skype feature full consultation of the talks, which announced in January on their experience, to be officially launched later.

Are available new feature for all Skype users, whether on IOS or Android, as well as for Mac and Linux in addition to the desktop version of Windows. And is not the property of the new option by default for Skype, but can be activated manually as desired.

And can the user enjoy the conversations private, through the selected items private conversations, through the menu or through the selected profile for the recipient, which in turn will be receiving an invitation to start a private conversation is guaranteed with full consultation of the talks.

Although the property is generally good, but it restricts the user time and device specific, where the user can only watch one particular conversation through his computer at the same time. Although it can transform the conversations your device to another, but will remain the content of the message is linked to the device user.

This feature provides privacy and security best users, who seemed to pay Skype for the calls in the footsteps of Apple and Facebook, in providing this advantage the character is optional.

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