Skype choose the feature to archive conversations, and the ability to reply to SMS text messages from PC


Although service Skype has existed for a long time, however, there are many people who feel that a chat service that lacks features that have reached many other chat apps. For example, has been added read receipts lately. In view of the development were marketed in the beginning to make calls via the internet, it was the call recording feature is required since a very long time before being added in just last month.

Now it seems that Skype is about to get another advantage of the long wait, a feature to archive messages. According to the Code of Microsoft on the web, this feature is currently available only to participants in the program Skype Insider, this means that this feature will not be available to the public now, but is expected to be released to everyone as part of the updated future development of Skype.

It seems that this feature is still in a test phase where Microsoft is looking to get comments from the testers on certain aspects of it. For example, you want Microsoft to know whether users prefer the term ” archive ” or ” hide ” when it comes to storing conversations. As you ask the police also asked if users would prefer to cancel the archiving automatically when re-opened, or whether they would like to do it manually.

However, the rest of the archive feature is substantially similar to the name you propose, which is simple in its operation, so we suspect that there should be no surprises when you launch this feature in the end for Skype on platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

On the other hand, it turns out further that the company Microsoft is testing another feature called ” SMS Connect“, a feature that allows users to reply to SMS text messages on their smart phones through their personal computers. And, apparently, this feature is currently available to Android users participating in the Skype program Insider, but is likely to up as well iOS users at some point in the future, although it is still not sure whether Microsoft plans to launch to the general public or not.



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