Skype adds screen sharing on Android and iOS

Company plans to Microsoft to allow users of the messaging application Skype Skype share screens of mobile phones during calls, so with the conversion application its attention to mobile devices after receiving on the web service.

Began giant software choose Apps new Skype for Android and iOS iOS, which allows the Screen Share feature, allowing anyone to watch anything on the phone and display it to friends or family or co-workers.

Suggests Microsoft that Skype users may use it to share PowerPoint presentations or shopping online with friends.

This means that the Skype application, the user largely by consumers and small businesses trying to appropriate more applications that focus on the business such as Cisco WebEx and GoTo Meeting and Zoom that provides the feature to share the screen.

And you need to be a subscriber of Skype software Insider Skype Insider for the experimental testing in order to get the Screen Share feature on Android and iOS.

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You can sign up to access the demo version through the following link, and shows Microsoft clearly through publications to advertise the water it’s coming to both Android and iOS, with display screen shots through the iOS system.

And it is not yet clear when Microsoft is planning to provide this feature for everyone using Skype on mobile devices, but considering that feature the participation of 50 people in the chat video has been in pilot phase for less than one month, it is expected to see the new feature soon.

This feature is called the development freelancing Microsoft Excellence from larger rivals, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat, which lack this feature, and allowed a lack of messaging platforms to large for the water to fill the void by applications like small Squad.

And Skype is an essential element in the chat video around the world, Microsoft aims to bring the largest possible number of the attributes of a desktop application to mobile application to enhance the cooperation during the development.

Users can, after installing the demo version on the device and make the call, activate the feature to share the screen from the settings menu, once to activate the feature, the app is to watch the screen activated, allowing to stop the broadcast at any time with a single click the top left corner.

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