Skullcandy offers headphones Indy fit headset AirPods with a price of $ 80

Revealed Skullcandy, released new a wireless headset Indy that comes with specifications to compete AirPods, with the portfolio of the company and the price of $ 80 only.

Skullcandy Indy

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The competition began to escalate in the market of wireless headsets, having presented the Apple during the last period of the second generation of earphones AirPods Wireless, comes version Skullcandy today from wireless headsets to support the user to design-level headset Apple, the price of up to half the price of the headset AirPods almost.

Slip the headset Indy radio with key features for Apple, they differ only in the design of the fish head which simulates the design of conventional speakers to a large extent, while extending a short stick from the speaker design is trying to hear the AirPods.

Also offering Skullcandy headphone Indy wireless design supports the constancy of the sky with the movement of the user, also come clear standards IP55 for resistance to water and dust, so it’s version fits athletes of the users well.

From the other side confirms the Skullcandy to the sky come the age of charging up to 4 hours of operating in the sky only, while supporting the user up to 16 hours of operating with the portfolio of the sky, also come preservative clear indicators of a flare to the people in the outer part of the portfolio.

Specification in the sky come hear the Indy radio controls with touchscreen to receive calls, change playlists, or also adjust the level of audio, as it comes clear built-in microphone to support the reception of calls, it is estimated that you’d expect to hear Indy radio on the website of Skullcandy official price of $ 80 per day.


I know of

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