Simple trick on your iPhone to take a video of much better

There is already an easy way to determine recording quality of the videos on the iPhone, due to Apple working on set your iPhone on the filming of the footage lower quality to save storage space – but you can change that from Settings.

How do I export videos the highest quality by iPhone

Open the “settings”, and click on the “camera”. And select “video recording”, will be a lot of options supply rate and video resolution.

Will options vary according to the version of your iPhone. For example, the camera in the iPhone 8 prepared automatically to record the footage quality Full HD, 1080p. This means that the video will consist of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, or a little over 2 million pixels in area.

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But, you can choose a higher resolution (or less), to wholesale up to 4K Ultra HD in some models. This gives you more than 8 million pixels.

It is also possible to modify the rate of display video clips in the iPhone 8. There are options for 24, 30, and 60 frames per second (fps).

Usually filming movies at 24 frames per second, but use the average width of the top might give the sections an impact is amazing, what makes the footage look more realistic.

The best video settings available to be present on the iPhone XS, which support modes of imaging capabilities are the following settings:

  • 720p HD at 30fps
  • 1080p HD at 30fps
  • 1080p HD at 60fps
  • 4K at 24fps
  • 4K at 30fps
  • 4K at 60fps

You here is a guide to the consumption of video storage space according to their quality according to the number of shots per minute:

  • 720p HD at 30fps – 40MB
  • 1080p HD at 30fps – 60MB
  • 1080p HD at 60fps – 90MB
  • 4K at 24fps – 135MB
  • 4K at 30fps – 170MB
  • 4K at 60fps – 400MB

Obviously if you are recording videos so much quality 4K at a rate of 60fps, you’ll use the storage space quickly.

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