Simple steps accompanied by the performance of any computer running the Windows

Microsoft says in any version of Windows to integrate dozens of visual effects to make it smoother and easier to use. True they add a nice touch to the experience of using the desktop, however, if you are a user of the device by the weakness in performance or specification of the weak, the visual effects at the time may turn into a inconvenience complete, so that all the process make take several seconds. Here we use the you solution will create the effect of visual effects on the performance of your system, and no doubt after her experience will drastically improve the desktop experience.

  • Open the Control Panel The Control Panel > System and Security system and security > System

  • List Control Panel Home you will find the option Advanced System Settings, Advanced System Settings, click on it
  • Rectangular Performance performance, click on Settings Settings

  • Disable the option Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing

So you disabled the visual effects on the windows when you zoom, what will in turn increase the speed of implementation between the windows and notices the Start menu, and you can disable more options and see if what their effects might be of interest to you or not and the extent of the change in the speed of performance experience if it was worth it. Read also: how to get Windows 10 for free in 2018 However, if your device specs powerful modifying visual effects may not result in a huge difference to performance with you, and often your problem is that you need to re-install Windows, if that doesn’t work on you, it might be your problem is related to something in the gear itself.

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