Simple recipes for the New year is 2019. Nowhere more relevant!

Before the New year just a few hours. Sparklers are waiting in the wings along with the crackers, gifts are hiding on the far shelf of the wardrobe, the Christmas tree is already thinking about a trip to the dump a few weeks later. Relatives on the way, and for work mail does not come even spam. Are you all ready? No, still need to take care of the salad and sandwiches with red caviar. To prepare food and not to leave the house until the sixth of January, will help “Recipes for the New year”.

The app is captivating and aptly named: it seems that it will help to make new year night memorable. Whether so it actually?

The creators decided not to bother and put all the recipes in the General list. If you want to cook herring under a fur coat in the original filing — scroll base. If the soul asks for an unusual salad with shrimp — too flipping base.

For example, take the same Olivier. The app lists the ingredients you will need shrimp, potatoes, pickles, carrots, eggs, peas, onion and mayonnaise. It is important not to forget salt and pepper.

The cooking process is divided into eight points. No accompanying images, but is clear without them. Potatoes and carrots should be cut into cubes, onion crumble, cans peas drained liquid. Then all mix, season and add the mayonnaise. In the end a good mix. The salad is ready.

And now for the cons: the application of ancient design and a lot of advertising. Ads are constantly displayed in the lower part and shown when you open the recipes. In addition, the extra space is button-UPS.

Moreover, these dishes are good, and the description of the cooking process no question. All this makes the application a good base of recipes to suit every taste. So ideally you want to find a suitable dish and write it in a notebook. So get the result and get rid of hype.

“Recipes for the New year” will help to pick up dishes to the main feast and feed the family. Culinary secrets are divided Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

Appendix: Recipes for the new year 2019
Developer: Library Online
Category: Food & drink
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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