Shuntaro Furukawa confirms that Nintendo will not end like the Disney

Shuntaro Furukawa

Made time for a new I met the current president to buy into the Japanese Shuntaro Furukawa, and who succeeded interim president “Tatsumi cities” and the late president of the company “Satoru it”. And in terms of strategy the company’s current Furukawa said:

Above all, I’m invoking in my decisions on the way to understanding the law of our development. New is new, thanks to our games, our characters, and titles that we have. Grant development teams the freedom to try new ideas is something I agree strongly. There can be no expansion without the freedom to experience something new, and the courage to break into unfamiliar areas.

Furukawa stressed that the registry is the beating heart of the modus operandi of the new, and that the company’s focus is on delivering shopping for people not only now but since time immemorial, and when asked Furukawa if the new will by on the approach to Disney, the similarity in the characters iconic are popular, on the one hand the acquisition of other companies is huge, confirmed Furukawa that need not follow this policy:

We didn’t try to never use another company. Use our personalities and our beloved in the movies and amusement parks are not only expanding the philosophy that we have.

Where the report indicates that the policy need not rise to the acquisition of the external, but on internal cleansing.

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