Should I change the Google Pixel 3 Pixel 4 on Google

Last week Google Pixel 4 started to go on sale in stores around the world. There is no doubt that the Pixel 4 is one of the best phones launched in 2019. But worthy gadget purchase? And how is it different from the previous flagship, which, despite elapsed since the release time is still a great camera. Let’s deal!

Pixel 3 Pixel or 4? Which is better?

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Why not get Google Pixel 3

During the event, Made by Google, the search giant introduced a number of interesting features Pixel 4. However, shortly after this event, the company confirmed that the “pixels” of the past generation will also get a number of new features with the next update. But some will remain exclusive to the latest flagship. For example, Motion Sense, which we even dedicated a separate article. So if you missed it, be sure to follow us on Telegram, in order not to miss the most important news.

Security: Face Unlock vs fingerprint scanner

Face Unlock is not always convenient

One of the distinguishing features of Pixel 4 is its ability to unlock your smartphone using face detection. However, it has some disadvantages. For example, Pixel 4 does not require that your eyes have been opened to unlock. That is, the smartphone can be unlocked without your knowledge while you sleep. While Face Unlock is the only way to use biometric sensors on the fourth version Pixel. Pixel 3 has a standard and well-proven fingerprint scanner. So while Google will not solve the above problem, to use the new way of unlocking is not necessary.

Pixel 3 to Pixel 4: camera

Pixel 3 can capture great images, while having only one main camera. Still one of the best smartphones on the market on this indicator. Great optical zoom, image scaling, and effects of field and blur for portraits, just on top. Pixel 4 is not far behind and offers a little more. In particular, thanks to teleobjetivo now shots in the dark will turn out just fine. If for you it has value, then buying the device is worth considering.

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However, Pixel 3 actually has one advantage over the “big brother”. Latest just full of sensors in its upper part, which was little affected selfie camera. Selfie on it still work great, but still inferior to the previous version.

Technical specifications and performance

Pixel 4 is on Board Snapdragon 855 that in synthetic benchmarks is a performance gain by about 25% compared with the Snapdragon chip 845 installed in the Pixel 3. This last has only 4 gigabytes of RAM, which for 2019 is not enough. According to this indicator, Pixel 4 bypasses the previous model. Here we have 6 gigabytes of RAM.

Another key difference is the display. At that time, as the size of the screen has changed what they’re capable of. Pixel 4 has a clear advantage with its display, capable of operating at a frequency of 90 Hz. And here brought a little more screen resolution — 1440х3040 against 1080х2160 in the Pixel 3. So for a display with bright colors and also smoothness in the work of the Pixel 4 is required to educate.

Is it worth buying Pixel 4?

Pixel 4 worthy of your attention?

The most important feature that is worth paying attention to is the price. The base model Pixel 4 is on sale for 799 USD (official price in Russia at the time of writing still not known). While Pixel 3 is almost 2 times cheaper. And its advanced version Pixel 3 XL you can find in the sale of over plus or minus $ 600. Well, the most common Pixel will cost about 500 American presidents.

Is it worth to pay more for new? You decide. If it is important for you to get the best camera on the market and the most relevant and efficient device in the line, then definitely Yes. Otherwise, update is possible and to wait.

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