Short films were photographed with a camera phone

A lot of film lovers resort to make their cameras, smart phones so that they can overcome the costs of large production, we will in this area to view some of the movies that have been filmed with a camera phone.

Film three minutes

Did Apple make a movie called three minutes in celebration of the new Chinese and published it across the channel to Apple Singapore and the idea of the film about whether to pool your family will last for only three minutes, what would you do? It has been directed by film by Peter Chan has been the company explained that the main goal of the film to clarify that it is possible to take advantage of the phones the Apple TV for output and cinema in general, and did not use any professional equipment, in the film industry.

You can watch the full movie via youtube here

Movie just

The movie directed by filmmaker and writer Mohammad dan has participated with this film in the festival cinema mobile won first place, has won a prize worth 30 thousand pounds for the film, was filmed in the movie by an iPhone 4, and not using any professional equipment at all except on stage montage only, it took the filming of the movie about two days and cost 100 EGP only ! The film has been shot in the center of the nozzle in the Governorate of kafr El-Sheikh.

You can watch the full movie via youtube here

Movie Pearls

If you have one good phone from Nokia and the industry of short film, maybe you should start implementing your project, John explains gendron is a young Director making a documentary all about the poor and displaced persons as possible have lost their homes in the Australian capital Sydney, through camera phone Nokia only 8, and in this film to speak with displaced persons and questions them about why what happened to them and why they got to this course, has the film has received several international awards, and did not use any professional equipment, during the filming of the movie, But at the stage of montage resorted to the director to use some software of course, which is difficult to use it through the phone.

Do you think the industry your first film through the camera of your smartphone?

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