Shopping into the minds of criminals digital before passing them to our minds

Don’t limit cyber attacks a coincidence or caused by natural phenomena, but behind them people with certain targets and have criminal intentions often, the chips are attacks towards her, trying to hide their tracks and their characters, only to work on uncovering them, understanding the backgrounds from which they depart, and experiences that they enjoy, we can estimate their ends are real, and sites their tactics offensive tactics their tolerance and good for them, and to build defensive lines that fail their plans.

Overall rating agencies that Chen cyber attacks under three groups:

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  • Holes – seek these vandals to the events of the Big Bang or the creation of chaos affect the largest number of people, companies, and goals of that multiplayer: the simplest satisfaction of personal vanity and savoring their ability to act and impact and penetrate the protected premises, or enhance their standing and their image in front of their peers in the community of internet hackers. The higher their goals, it may be -on the way to Robin Hood – alert public opinion to a certain issue or protest against the dark. Dependent attackers holes often on the tools available and techniques are common and do not cost themselves drowning in complicated methods and do not use programs developed specifically for both attacks, but they often cause are many and insist on follow-up attacks for long periods, especially if it’s part of a long-term campaign they say, but they’re not trying to often take advantage of the surprise factor, but believe the noise is high and multiple cars before launching their attacks, and leave behind them evidence of what they intend to do.
  • Criminals – they are the majority shoppers of cyber attacks, with the purpose of them is to earn money illicitly. After that mankind has suffered throughout its history from crime analysis, extortion, kidnapping, conventional, type such crimes in the digital age boat technology embodied in the service e-mail attacks, denial-of-Service Redemption, except that the criminal way to make money remain the same despite the change of technique and ambition with the development that we are witnessing in the Twenty-First Century. The up criminal gangs to innovative methods amazing very advanced technically, but that criminals are often inclined to adhere to the techniques that they write and assume it will generate them more money. And knowing criminals digital advanced technology methods of laundering funds and their skill in concealing their true identities to their survival, often away from the hands of the security authorities instead of fighting them on their evil deeds.
  • Attacks advanced persistent – although the attacks are advanced persistent trying to be subtle usually, although doubts, receive support from certain states headlines news the president, but they constitute a very small percentage of the total attacks. However they are professional development and access to resources, health, long term. And their goals often collect sensitive information, but they are subversive by nature, and perhaps even seek to control the systems of third parties, infiltrate and to wage their attacks against its ultimate goal.

Does not require the construction of defensive lines against cyber attacks know the exact identity of those in charge of them, but enough that the companies have sufficient knowledge of the nature of the threats that could target help her. There are many case studies and examples published on the attacks by others belonging to the varieties mentioned above, which are good models recommended to her study to identify the ability of the defenses currently used to protect us from future attacks or unveiled.

For example, is used holes so much social media to organize their campaigns, do you know if the name of your organization or your brands are mentioned among the objectives of the attack next? If so, how should I continue? Do you actually have a solution to mitigate the effects of denial of service attacks, or you can publish it at the appropriate time when you need?

The happy house to discredit the company and drive away on their accounts in social media, and that’s why the corporate war on the Enable Two-factor authentication for accounts of social networks, and even if discovered, the attacker’s password, you will not be able to access the account and control. And also the training they have access to social media accounts your organization on how to discover service cases, digital reporting – this includes even the new interns.

The council are busy they always attack non-stop, as are filled email boxes for employees in the corporate communications of the service every day? As they constantly try to implant spyware and harmful institutions? Although the outer defenses on the borders of the institutions are excellent in repelling these attacks, but we must admit in all honesty and integrity that this defense is not infallible and penetration.

How be able to the security team of the digital from capture to delivery successful before being able to access the data? And the rapid reaction and the desired, which must be exercised by the panel to isolate the registry and attackers of the system?

All these fundamental questions must be answered even become the company prepared to deal even with different attacks and advanced persistent. Despite the fact that all companies will face this type of migration has developed, the only protection against attackers have the skill, patience and perseverance for you within the system hacker, for several months before progress in their attack remains difficult, however not impossible.

Don’t let malicious software and burn a data control commands and command special attacks, advanced persistent effects evidenced, and the student arrested in flagrante delicto a great effort from the security team number school well prepared in advance.

To build a strong defense and against cyber attacks must rely on many layers of overlapping security systems. If the perception of the quality of the persons who are expected to attack your company, taking into account doors that will try to break in, and the signs of their attack on the yes, you been a good exercise to improve your weaknesses that may allow attackers to work, in addition to that understands your security team to discover the attack and contain it when it occurs.


I know of

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