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Provided Apple web apps since a long time which apps work on your device just like normal applications do not need to download prior just filled the app will work, this is a very powerful feature and has many uses, such as you have no sufficient space or a desire to save space the application does not use too much, or even to experience the application without downloading it fully.

But the web application didn’t take a moment of Fame and proliferation of the reason is the lack of its own shop combines the most popular apps, but that’s changed now with a store Wickey.

The idea of the store is dependent on the provision of web applications from some of the apps of smart phones which enjoy great popularity among users, so that the user does not need only a browser and an internet connection on his phone to take advantage of these applications.Currently the limited App Store on a selection of the most important applications and games, while new contents are added Not from time to time.

Application InstaBoost

Among the apps available on the App Store, the application InstaBoost is a specialized application in the follow-up visit you on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc., add to get more interaction with the content that you post which ensures their access to a broader segment of interested.

Open the application InstaBoost directly

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Or you can send the code iphone50 directly to your email you will get 50 Free point Inside app to be used in the follow-up visit you on social networks.

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