Shop through “eBay” to “n” the task of delivery

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 June 2018: looking constantly for choice and charging more efficient in terms of costs, shopping online from “eBay” is? You can now stop the search, the platform is “n” ready today to bestow on your experience more simple and easy.

Proud “n”, the electronic platform that was developed in the Middle East region, announced its partnership with the platform “eBay”, platform e-Delivery that California-based, and one of the leading players in the e-Commerce Industry, to provide clients of the organization experience more safety and easily to different parts of the world.

In a race of the kind, you share the platform “n” the leader in e-commerce sector in the region, with the platform “eBay” Global to allow customers the option to purchase more products best-selling around the world, and “n” the completion of all these requests and deliver it to the customer directly.

It will be possible to return a product that has been shipped from any place in the world simply to “n”, with the possibility of recovering the value of their purchase is complete in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth.

فراز خالد الرئيس التنفيذي لمنصة "نون

Faraz Khalid, chief executive of “N

On this occasion, said faraz Khalid, chief executive of “n”: “the platform ’eBay‘ of the early e-commerce platforms in the world and offer the widest range and the most versatile products on the world level, the number more than a million products. Come buy our new to today among its diversified product and reach excellence in delivery and customer service, providing customers the region, especially young people, unprecedented ease in get the best offer ’eBay‘ over ’n‘”.

Will “n” the completion of all requests from “eBay” which is completed through its platform, to connect to customers directly, which means it costs less to ship products quickly in its delivery.

Will be available the experience of the “N” supported by the “eBay” for customers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, starting from the second half of 2018, through the application of “n”, and also on mobile phones and Computers.

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