Shop Google Play devices supports Saudi Arabia this year

قوقل بلاي السعودية

قوقل بلاي السعودية

Revealed Google on line store their devices via Google Play this year where it intends to expand to 52 countries and support 25 languages, highlights of what it contains that the store will support the Arab region for the first time in Saudi Arabia only.

This means that it will enable residents in Saudi Arabia buy devices Google different both phones pixels or voice assistant Google Home directly from the store Google Play instead of world shops and shipped to the country.

It seems that Google started to expand its ambitions to deliver her store for international users, where they this year alone will reach 38 new and 17 new language.

Include the new states added to Saudi Arabia, all of Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, India, and Russia. In addition to a large number of States in South America.

Hasn’t happened yet when do you think Google provide a shop in this state, but is likely to be with the launch of its organs leading to the new. This, we hope that phones pixel in the Saudi market faster than usual and in sufficient quantities as long as Google support Kingdom is officially in stores.

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