Shop for appliance repair in Norway’s win against Apple in the case of the ” right to repair “


When it comes to repairing your electronic devices, Most manufacturers would prefer if you send your products to stores or centers official fix of not to fix it. There are a lot of reasons for this, and one of these reasons is to fight for legislation law ” right to repair ” which allows for third-party specialized in the repair of hardware access to components and tools official for appliance repair.

Not surprisingly, some companies in Norway, and in other countries. I tried Apple sue the repair shop devices because of something similar, except that in this case the won shop repairs to the case. In 2017, Apple sent a letter to Henrik Huseby, owner of a small shop for appliance repair in Norway demanding it to stop using the screen of the iPhone from the secondary market in the repair shop. As a student of Apple to pay 3566 USD to the company, and destroy all the screens that he owned if he wanted to avoid a trial.

However, it seems that Henrik Huseby wasn’t planning to give up easily and decided to fight against the police in court. Ultimately, the court stood by his side basing its judgement on the Norwegian law, which he says he ” does not grant to any person a Norwegian specialist in the repair of mobile devices import screen cell phones from Asian companies that comply 100% and perfectly match with the screen of the iPhone with the Apple TV, as long as the brand for Apple not apply to products “.

It is expected to resume Apple government, but lawyer Henrik Huseby don’t think that the resume will be successful. According to Henrik Huseby, has stated by saying : ” I will continue to repair the iPhone as it did before, without change. I’m glad I don’t have to fear the import of spare parts compatible for iPhone again. “


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