Shipments of the iPhone to China fell 22 percent in the last quarter of 2018

iPhone XS Max

He was CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook has confirmed recently that the demand for iPhone is weaker than expected, and demand for phones Apple saw the biggest decline in China specifically. It is not clear what is the reason this occurs is precisely because there may be several reasons, such as cheap alternatives from Chinese manufacturers, and the continued trade between the United States and China, which can drive the local population to support local brands.

And for those who are wondering about how bad the situation in China for Apple, it seems that the Apple TV there has been a reduction by 22 percent in the shipments of the iPhone to the country, at least according to figures from the institution Strategy Analytics specialized in market research. According to the findings, it appears that Apple had shipped about 10 million units just from iPhones to China in the fourth quarter of 2018. Of course, that’s a big number, but when you compare it with the 14 million shipped in the last quarter of the year 2017, it is a big difference.

In fact, it seems that the figures indicate that the foothold of Apple in China was not as it used to be. Experienced local companies like Huawei and Vivo increase in shipments of 90.8 million to 105.1 million in the case of Huawei, and 73.1 million to 79.3 million in the case of Vivo. Can anyone guess what can be done by Apple to rectify the situation, although we have heard the last time that the company has reduced the prices of its smart phones in China to be more attractive to customers there.

But as we said earlier, there is another possibility of reduced sales, which is a trade war ongoing between China and the United States of America, which prompted some Chinese companies to punish employees who use iPhones, while the companies provide other incentives to employees who move to smart phones trademark.

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