Shazam supports voice recognition applications


Can be Shazam application incredibly useful for its ability to determine or find out audio tracks and find her words and various information through listening to the audio only, but there are some of the complaints users have, most notably the inability of the service to hear the sound that is running across the sky, or to identify audio tracks that run across other applications.

Where instead, the user running the song through the internal speakers or find a way to route the audio to their device, but now, there is a new update of the long app on Android system only, and provided with a feature called “Pop-up Shazam”, through which will enable the user to work with the app and image recognition applications either through the headset or through the work in the background.

تطبيق Shazam يدعم التعرّف على الصوت من التطبيقات

Generally, when you select the pictures this way, show Pop-up Shazam as an icon floating in the user interface in the phone, once you identify and images will show the lyrics of the songs also, the more worthy of note that this feature is not enabled by default, so you must go to the Settings app and enable it there.

Finally, as noted previously, the updated Shazam this is currently available on Android only, and does not stop until the time this on the other system and iOS, and it looks strange, since Apple had bought the service in 2018, it is normal provided first on iOS, but this did not happen, it seems unlikely that this feature comes floating in the iOS implementation of its existing, generally we follow things and your efforts.

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