Shazam for iOS received a major update

The Shazam app for iOS for the first time after purchase service of the same name music recognition company Apple has received a major upgrade. The developers have worked on the design to bring it into full compliance with the ecosystem, revamped user interface and added a lot of new and handy tools.

The first thing that catches the eye when interacting with the updated app is its minimalism. The developers transformed the desktop screen and controls, making Shazam more intuitive and attractive. Now after a session of “name that tune”, the user waits for the beautiful cover art of a song in full screen and uncluttered menu.

In functional terms, the updated Shazam, however, did not hurt. Despite the minimalist design, the app offers access to video clips on YouTube, news about the artist and similar in spirit tracks. In addition, we’ve added the syncing of texts, thanks to which you can sing along to your favorite song. To purchase the song or listen to it out Shazam can be in one of several music services.

Title: Shazam
Publisher/developer: Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Price: Free
In app purchases: There are
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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