Shazam for iOS now lets you share songs in the form of stories in the Instagram


One of the benefits of the story on the network of Instagram is that it is temporary. This means that you can watch content that may not fit the necessarily of your profile on the network. For example, if you are a photographer used Instagram to showcase your business, raise personal photo or image for the presence of food is not commensurate with the aesthetic appearance you want to reach.

Now if you want to watch something in the story on the Instagram-related music, you’ll feel happy to know that Shazam for iOS now supports the possibility of lifting to the story. According to the latest update of the application, you can share what you’re listening to on Shazam the form of a story in the network Instagram. Thus, this means that after you find the song in Shazam, you can tap on the share button and select the Instagram Stories.

Take into consideration that this applies only to the Shazam application for iOS, which means that this feature is not yet available in the Shazam application for Android. It should be noted that this is the second update that gets him Shazam since I held it Apple after the first update was intended to remove all ads to all users.

So, if you are a user of the Shazam application also used the story on the Instagram, it may be appropriate for you to update the app if you want to get this feature. You can get the update for free via the iTunes Store App Store.



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