Shazam for iOS gets a completely new user interface


While Shazam is good at identifying the songs as it is required, the interface of this app is left intact without any significant changes which make the task of using this app is rather confusing. However, the good news for users of the Shazam application is that this app has been updated today to turn on the user interface cleaner and to a large extent.

As you can see in the picture above, the latest update of the Shazam application on the iOS platform brings with it the new interface is more pronounced than before. The app now displays the songs that have been identified with the image covering the entire screen of the artist or the band with the display of the name of the song and the artist. This is much different from the previous design where it was displayed numerous links for YouTube and the Apple Music and iTunes, and Non of the other links.

In addition to the new interface, this new update also brings with it a new feature called Lyric Syncing. What you do this feature is that they knew the words to the song in real time, you will highlight each line when it is reached in the song.

Apple is now in the midst of the process of acquisition of Shazam, despite the fact that regulatory bodies in the European Union still form on this page not made it clear that they need more time to take a closer look at it after several complaints about how this deal could adversely affect competition.


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