Shazam Apple’s got a cool feature but only for Android

Shazam is a music app (and not a superhero from a recent movie in kynoselen DC), which currently belongs to Apple and helps users to determine which songs are played around them. Now Shazam can also identify songs you’re listening through headphones when they use their phone or tablet OS Android.

Acquired by Apple last year for $ 400 million, the company recently introduced in its app for Android feature “Pop-Up Shazam”, which when enabled can work with any other app on the smartphone to identify songs that are played both outside and inside the device.

Function Pop-Up Shazam audio tracks of third-party applications

This is a feature that many users asked for several years. Prior to this, when a user accidentally stumbled on some track, say, videos on YouTube, he only had two uncomfortable way salasnich song. You could either disconnect the headset from the phone and allow you to play sound through built in speakers or hold the earpiece to the microphone of the phone.

A new feature of Shazam allows you to monitor the audio being played by other applications, thus not only rely on the sound of the environment or speaker phone. While the app listens to the audio signal in the notification curtain is continuously displayed die from Shazam, which can be collapsed and then re-activate one by pressing.

In our test, this feature worked exactly as stated by the developer using wired and wireless headsets, as well as in the application Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. IPhone users who hope to use a similar function, will likely have to wait patiently because the constant notifications are not supported by the mobile operating system of Apple.

Google has a function to recognize the sound, but it only works on smartphones Pixel

In recent years, Google also tried to add in their system’s ability to recognize sound and then introduced last year, such a feature in their smartphones Pixel 3 and 3 XL, calling it a “Now Playing”. When it is enabled, the smartphone is actively looking for songs that are played in the environment, recognizes them and logs.

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