Shawty you know about to increase its revenue by 27% during the first quarter of 2019

Recorded Chinese smartphone company Shawnee quarterly revenues better than expected on Monday, partly due to a steady growth in sales outside its domestic market.

The results indicate that the expansion of the Shao overseas and focus on markets such as: India, Europe, pays off because the market of smart phones in the Chinese market – which is the largest in the world – is witnessing a slowdown.

Revenue rose Shawty by 27% in the quarter ended in March to 43.8 billion yuan ($6.3 million), exceeding the average estimate of $ 42.109 million yuan in a survey of analysts.

And Shawty on most of its revenue by selling mobile phones, but also reap the money from selling online ads and other types of consumer devices. Income rose in the first quarter to 2.1 billion yuan, compared with 1.7 million last year.

According to the data of market research firm “Counter-Point Re: search” Counterpoint Research, the lower the total smartphone market in China grew by 7% year on year in the first quarter of 2019. The study showed itself to stake Shao of the domestic smart phone market shrunk by 21% during the same period, while the company achieved competition: OBO, Viva, Huawei, strong gains.

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I tried Shawty offset the slowdown at home by expanding abroad aggressively. Police are still occupy the first position in selling phones in India, has grown steadily in Europe after the launch of its phones across the continent through 2018.

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