Shawty you know about the first phone running “Android Joe” at a price of $ 90

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The company announced the Shawty on Tuesday officially unveiled the “landfill Joe” Redmi Go, which is the first smart phone running “Android Joe” the Android Go, and you think it is launched at a starting price of 80 euros.

And because it’s running Android Joe, the specifications of the phone “landfill Joe” the new of Chinese company is low, including screen-type LCD measuring 5 inches and accurately 1280×720 pixels with a ratio of dimensions of the conventional 16:9.

The phone features a processor Quad-Core processors from Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 with a frequency of 1.4 GHz. Like all phones “Android Joe, featuring “landfill Joe” Random Access Memory “RAM” size of 1 GB along with 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage memory expandable.

The device has a rear camera, one 8 megapixel, and other front accurately 5 megapixel, also has a battery of 3,000 mAh.

Software, works phone “landfill Joe” version 8.1 Oreo of the Android system Jo, with reference to the “copy air” of the Android system, is a modified version of the system allows running on smart phones with low specifications too, including the RAM size does not exceed 1 GB, as they come by diluted of Android apps.

Intends Shawty put phone “landfill Joe” in black and blue in Europe and the Philippines during the month of February, to be sold in Europe at a price equivalent to 90 USD.

The gate Arab News Technical Shawty announce the first phone running “Android Joe” at a price of $ 90

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