Shawty you know about Mi Charge Turbo – faster technology wireless charging strongly 30 watts !

Revealed Shawty Is Officially the fastest technique of wireless charging in the world is Mi Charge Tubro strongly 30 watt which are designed by the company specifically for Mi 9 Pro 5G.

شاومي تعلن عن Mi Charge Turbo - أسرع تقنية شحن لاسلكي بقوة 30 واطShawty you know about Mi Charge Turbo – faster technology wireless charging strongly 30 watts

Say Shawty that this new technology has the ability to charge a battery capacity of 4000 Milli amp fully on 69 minutes only, and can be recharged up to 50% in just 25 minutes!

Which will Mi 9 Pro 5G a wonderful feature compared to the Xiaomi Mi 9 Current that comes with the wireless charger 20 watts only, includes 30% of the battery is outstanding with a capacity of 33,000 Milli-amp at 30 minutes.

They also confirmed that the company Xiaomi to charger Mi Charge Turbo force 30 watts will appear for the first time with its upcoming flagship Mi 9 Pro 5G be unveiled this month, but it has not clarified whether the fast charger will be included in the box selling the phone or for consumers to purchase it separately as in Mi 9.

Besides the organs of the Shao, the charger complies Mi Charge Turbo with all the phones and headsets and devices that support wireless charging from various different brands.

Finally, although the police within the event of the declaration into its future plans confirmed its work on the wireless charger higher capacity of 40 watts and it is already in the test phase, they did not mention anything about the possibility of releasing it this year or are they gonna wait for next year.

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