Shawty up will launch two smart phones folding next year

شاومي هاتف قابل للطي

At a time when Samsung and Huawei to launch smart phones folding the beginning of next year, appeared Today reports that the two companies Shawty up heading to uncover phones of the same model in 2019.

Is almost certain that Samsung is working on a smartphone retractable carrying the name of Galaxy X will be unveiled for the first time during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 January next. But the Korean company may not be the first to ask a smart phone of this type, where Huawei has started in collaboration with the BOE and the Chinese to provide them with flexible OLED for use in smartphones folding is provided to the user the beginning of 2019.

According to new reports, the company Shao Chinese have already begun to communicate with its suppliers to produce her smart phone rollaway, while the design is still unknown for us but it certainly would be much cheaper than the Samsung, which may up the price to about $ 1800 USD, especially after it announced Shawty its commitment to the profit margin not about the barrier of 5% of the value of its smart phones.

In addition to Shaw, there are other Chinese company oppo intends to launch smartphone foldable, despite the lack of any information about the schedule we expect to be launched sometime during the next year.

Generally, the year 2019 will be the year of smart phones folding, we might see at least 4 models of this style has been up for 6 in the case decided that Motorola and LG join the other companies and release a copy of this design over the next year taking into account the speed of development of new technology ready for mass production and made available to users.

Do we really need a smart phone folding?! I don’t think so. Share your opinion in the comments

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