Shawty start in the paid version the demo update MIUI 11 with Android 10 phone Mi 8

I started a company Shao day in a paid demo version of the updated interface MIUI 11 based on Android operating system 10 to the users phone Mi 8.

The company was Shao has begun to push the demo version of the interface MIUI 11 users phone Mi Mix 3 over the past week, and today start paying the demo version also for Mi 8, which applies to phone users in the Chinese market at the beginning.

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Comes the demo version of the user interface flash MIUI 11 9.10.24, it also comes with a capacity of 2.1 GB, which is scheduled to apply this version updates the software protection provided for the month of October, as the update includes a host of new features in the interface of the MIUI 11, but Shaw didn’t set a date to launch the update in the global markets.

It is estimated that includes the demo version of update MIUI 11 9.10.24 the following features:

  • Software protection submitted by Google users phone Mi 8 for the month of October, with improvements in the standards of safety in the system.
  • To address the problem that lead to the consumption of the application a longer time to get to the settings
  • Add application to user experience
  • Improvements in the standards of safety in passwords effects the main interface.
  • To address the problem of application-specific passwords external.


I know of

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