Shawty reviewed by the charger 100 watt phones

The Oppo has a technology SuperVOOC to charge the phones with a capacity of 50 watts, the capacity of Huawei’s dead 20 pro free shipping SuperCharge capacity of 40 watts, and announced that Huawei to dead X removable flexing enjoy Quick-Charge 55 watts, but it would be from the fore almost.

While Shao announcement fast charging technology “Super Charge Turbo” with a capacity of 100 watts tomorrow, lost Co-Lin Bin, co-founder and Shao, videos about new technology.

As shown in a short video, will enable the battery of 4000 mAh from 0-50% in just 7 minutes, and 50-100% in 10 minutes; i.e. during 17 minutes, will enable the battery of 4000 mAh full.

Compared with competitors, technically the Oppo with a capacity of 50 watts can charge 65% of the battery 3700 mAh in 17 minutes.

Finally, it is rumored that the phone Mi Mix 4 associated with launching next fall will be the first of the technical supports of Shawnee, probably will be delayed support until the launch of the Mi 10 early next year. And because the techniques of rapid charging be adopted quickly by companies, the spread of support for rapid charging up to 100 watts next year.

Source: Phoneradar

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