Shawty reveal tablet Mi Pad 4 at a low price and supports SIM

شاومي تكشف عن الجهاز اللوحي Mi Pad 4 بسعر منخفض ويدعم شريحة الاتصال

The company announced the Shawty on the tablet (tablet) Mi Pad 4 at a special conference today, where the device comes at a low price with support for the connection property of your choice, place for tourism, beside its support to connect to the Internet with the latest technology.

The device comes with a processor Snapdragon 660 of Qualcomm RAM with LPDDR4x size 3 GB in addition to the internal storage space of 32 GB with the potential to develop more space through external memory cards. As there is a better version of the device can be obtained, where it contains 4 GB of RAM next to the 64 internal storage space. In addition to the copy of the other support bar of the contact.

Shows the Mi Pad 4 design metal special, which is available in black or white, and has a battery capacity of 6000 Milli-amp / hours. In addition to the dual microphone stereo headphones to give a stronger voice and better.

It also brings the phone to her screen with IPS technology, and the measurement of 1920x 1200, comes with 5-megapixel front, camera background accurately 13 megapixel, and both the girl Lens f/2.0. .

With regard to the price of the device, the lowest specification comes at the price of$ 170, the in comes version with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB internal space, at a price of$ 215, and can get a copy of them let the bar touch is priced at$230.


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