Shawty reveal Redmi 6 Pro and Mi Pad 4

Although the disclosure of Redmi 6 The redmi 6A days ago but Shao have more products which you want to believe it. The official forum of the company that holds the name of the Mi Forum revealed already about the coming of Redmi 6 Pro in the twenty-fifth of June, also revealed a photo that published on a number of important details on the phone.

The first details that we know about the phone Redmi New is the dimensions of the screen, which will be the dimensions of 19:9 In addition to the advent of the phone SIM, Snapdragon 625 Qualcomm with a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which means great battery life for the phone in the time that comes out Redmi 6 The redmi 6A battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh.

شاومي تكشف عن Redmi 6 Pro و Mi Pad 4

In addition to that face of the other phones Troy Shaw new phone Redmi 6 Pro through the advantages of artificial intelligence, which did not enter the company until now in detail, but it is possible to submit the phone recognition feature on the viewer is using artificial intelligence submitted by for the first time with Mi Mix 2, In addition to a number of advantages already provided by previously, where often you will not the company offers the advantages of a whole new phone average price.

Although we don’t know more than this about the phone Redmi 6 Pro, we only know of the existence of a new tablet from Shao, a Mi Pad 4, which revealed the company already without sweating in a lot of detail.

Show a picture of Mi Pad 4 one camera in the back to confirm he came back with one, in addition the tablet will come with a screen 8-inch Full HD, with the advantages for one-handed use is not disclosed.

شاومي تكشف عن Redmi 6 Pro و Mi Pad 4

Site XDA Developers has detection already earlier this year about some of the details available for the new tablet from Shawty Mi Pad 4, which included details large battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh in addition to the screen dimensions of the 18:9 and slide Snapdragon 660 from Qualcomm. The advent of the tablet chip from Qualcomm will be the first time that the device tablet from Shawty chip from Qualcomm where he suggested the cooperation of the police previously for for the tablet, NVIDIA and MediaTek.

Are you talking to anyone phones Shao? Tell us in the comments. Whatever the case, in the twenty-fifth of June will be revealing all the details of the phone and tablet if I didn’t leak before this date.

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