Shawty move for the stock market to raise its value to $ 100 million



Moving company Shawnee the Chinese to expel its shares for public subscription in the stock market during the second half of the year, the company aims to collect funding raise its market value to $ 100 million.

Will cooperate Shawty with several firms to manage the IPO from U.S. and European companies as well as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse in addition to financial companies of the tray.

If Shawty from lifting its market value to $ 100 million, it will be a giant new technology out of the cloak of America is rights led to many companies such as Twitter, Qualcomm, and possibly overtake Facebook by market capitalization at the IPO, and reached a then $ 104 billion when it floated on the stock exchange in 2012.

The company Shao with apple the company or Apple of China being squeezed the American company in the designs of smart phones, and even the way put forward by the public.

The police managed to charge to 70 million phones in just 10 months during the past year, what made it earn its forecast annual sales at $ 15 billion, despite prices its devices cheap compared to competitors.

The company intends to be more intensively on the ground through its own stores where they plan to create a new store by next year.


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