Shawty make Game Turbo as a standalone application for POCO F1

The company submitted Shao application of Game Turbo phone POCO F1 two weeks ago, which led to the improvement of the framework that produces the customization of the smart processor of the central and graphics processor the more resources the organization of the games.

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Now, with the latest update for MIUI Global Beta, offering Shawty custom application, independent for Game Turb, and have got the app on the renovations in general, including a touch of yellow to match the POCO.

As the games are listed that have been enabled Game Turbo out on the main page, making it easier for users to find games installed on the device. This is in addition to the It is show these games on the form of cards on the home page, users can run the game by simply clicking on the thumbnail of the card, users can also choose the list view instead of the cards.

Moreover, the Shao also change the color of the icon from blue to yellow to unify the colors, also added some functions that allow the user to clear the memory or capture the image of a company or starting screen recording without closing the game.

Users can also unlock/lock the Wi-Fi or Mobile Data or Auto Brightness or DND within the game. Apart from that, users can also open apps like WhatsApp or file Manager as a window independent within the game.

As I got to the settings menu in the Game Turbo on the new update on POCO F1.

The Shao also provide Game Turbo on some devices, the Redmi, such as the Redmi Note Pro 5, offers update MIUI Global Beta New some changes in the Game Turbo phone Redmi Note 5 Pro.

The display games are also on the form of cards on the main page but still the user interface as before on the devices, Redmi, and users can open apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Browser in a separate window within the game as well, Shao added to my Chrome browser to the menu with the latest update.

This feature is available on MIUI Global Beta ROM only as of now, is expected to be released to users of the MIUI Global Stable ROM with future updates.


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