Shawty learn to drive on the ads interface MIUI

شاومي تتعهد بالسيطرة على إعلانات واجهة MIUIShawty learn to drive on the ads interface MIUI

If you are a user of phones, the Chinese company famous, it is imperative that this news you’ll : Shawty learn to drive on the ads interface MIUI.

MIUI is the user interface for Shawty is the operating system (cooked) of the company which depends on Android, and its phones and devices by the tablet .

Pledged to Shawty by to keep their profits in the range of 5% to the prices of its phones, even the leading ones, at acceptable levels, so have to resort to ad (annoying sometimes) on the system interface, which is irritating the users of its phones, especially in the stage of adjusting the settings of the phone for the first time .

According to the website of XDA , this is the control data associated with the advertising which will come to the interface of MIUI in the near future :

  • Reduce the number of places in MIUI where you are served ads while continuing to make cutbacks in these places in the next two months.
  • You will get rid of the police on the non-display ads “vulgar” for users, especially in notifications
  • Will apply browser MIUI fewer ads during 2-3 months
  • Will detect all the ads clearly to the user
  • Power users will express to suspend or close the ads
  • Will Shaw find the controls advertising in the Apps Settings System MIUI

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