Shawty launches their new browser Mint on Android

شاومي تُطلق متصفّحها الجديد Mint على أندرويد

Full Store Android “Google Play” application to browse the internet, despite the existence of these browsers by default for all devices, phones, Android likes my browser Chrome Samsung, however, the user always wants to experience new, and fortunately there are always new, where it declared Shao from the browser by Mint on all Android devices.

In respect of the application is a new web browser is light weight fast and safe, where not to exceed 10 MB, not to mention its design is very elegant which makes it easier to deal and access to all his tools.

Also comes browser Mint user interface a full feature, which includes Incognito, reading mode, and voice search, others dark, the advantages of fast scrolling, and many of the tools that let her be her own, finally browser Mint is available to download for free and full on store Google Play, and does not includes any ads that support Android 4.4 the latest.

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