Shawty launches browser Mint small size and provide consumption data

The company launched the Shawnee browser application is small in size know بMint on the platform landed, by the company with the provision of consumption data, with the size of 10 MB only.


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Launched Developers Xiaomi application of the new browser on the platform landed known browser Mint, where users have the size of 10 MB just in the Google Play Store.

Have indicated Shawty to to browser application Mint targets focus on the protection of the privacy of users in web browsing, and confirm that the browser comes with the launch of super speed for any browser application.

It is planned to submit the application browser Mint a lot of are the key features of the browser and larger, which includes browser tabs, with the style of Safe Browsing, coupled with the support feature design of voice, with a special style to read.

Browser Mint is also designed to provide consumption data to users, the app also features one clear seamless experience in use, where the browser application Mint now for download via the Google Play Store.


I know of

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