Shawty launches and a sub-brand to rival the oneplus

بوكو شاومي

The company’s Shawty install its feet in the Indian market, but its still linked in the mind of the user as a resource of the cheap smart phones, and it seems that there are a large number of customers willing to pay a large sum of money compared to a smart phone from Shaw.

The Shao created a brand new subsidiary under the name of Poco its executive director is Jay and Manny who work at Google until 2014 when he became director of the leading organizations in Shaw, it seems that the new company is targeting mainly users with the budget available to implement this oneplus in some key markets.

Do you remember the phone Pocophone F1 of Shao, which is supposed to be the cheapest Smart Phone the leading provider processor Snapdragon 845’s? It seems that this phone will be the first of the brand new products.

According to the leaks the phone will supposed to be equipped with a front camera accuracy 20 megapixel camera and a capacity of 4000 mA/H rechargeable via USB port-C. The most exciting point in this phone is that it will be available for sale at $ 480 the ratio 6/64 GB 540 $ interview version of 6/128 GB.

Expected to lead Boca to launch this phone at the end of September or beginning of October in India and other Global Markets.

It should be noted that the system OxygenOS depends of the highlights of the main reasons for the success of oneplus 6 in India, which should be on the new company to take it into account.

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