Shawty know on her phone the Custom Games Black Shark 2

شاومي تعلن عن هاتفها المخصص للألعاب Black Shark 2

The company announced the Shaw for an updated version of a series of phones dedicated to the games, launching phone Black Shark 2 which comes with a screen type OLED pressure-sensitive means it will be faster and easier to do many of the options on the screen.

The phone comes with a screen 6.39 inches sensor footprint of the bottom of the screen of Samsung’s production, as developed Shawty sensor system new lets control the transfer of the icons next to the corners of the screen. The company says it has improved the level of lighting and reduce the speed of response in the screen.

Featuring Black Shark 2 processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, as well as the card is strongly 4,000 Milli-amp/ hours support Fast shipping 27 watts. The phone comes with four copies of the memory and storage capacity, the first memory RAM 6 GB with storage capacity of 128 GB for the core, then the memory is 8 GB for a medium with a storage capacity of 128 GB or 256 GB, in comes the recent memory of 12 GB with a storage capacity of 256 GB.

The phone also offers dual camera in the back, one of them a 48 mega pixel and 12 mega pixel, holds on the front of the camera solo accurately 20 megapixel.

It will be the phone available at a price of around 480$ for a core with 6 GB RAM, will be available at a price of 625$ for the top which comes with 12 GB RAM.

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