Shawty justify a partnership with IKEA to invest 1.5 billion in the platform of Internet of things

The company announced the Shao during the annual conference of the special products, the Internet of things (MIDC) for its cooperation with the companies ICA Sweden to invest 1.5 billion over the next 5 years to bring more products to the fact the Internet of things, where the focus will be in the next stage of products for smart lighting from the company IKEA and connected with the platform of the Internet of things AIoT from.

Considers the platform AIoT is responsible for the operation of smart products, where it operates more than 130 million smart device is phones and laptops, which included 20 billion active device spread over 200 countries around the world, said chairman of the board of Shawnee and CEO Lei Jun during the conference.

In will be starting connect the intelligent lighting products from Leica with the platform Shawty LoT in China to be controlled by the products of Shao different, which include Assistant Police voice Xiao Ai and apply her home Mi Home as well as sensors and other smart devices of the company.

,Can be read by Shao products Internet of things activated more and enter into partnerships like this in the light of its quest to make up the shortfall in sales of its phones in the Chinese market during the past year, where sales fell by 15% according to some studies, government.

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